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CCSI, in close cooperation with AMD and TYAN, the manufacturer of the world's first Dual AMD Athlon™ motherboard in production and winner of WinPC Best of Computex 2001 award , the Tyan Thunder K7, has developed the ultra-cooled rack chassis family, the coolest family on earth™ featuring thermally correct™ 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U rack mount chassis specifically designed for high performance and high density dual processor applications. Over 2000 man-hours have gone into the development of CCSI's Dual AMD Opteron ™ chassis and power supplies, resulting in numerous patents for thermal dissipation designs and component layout. Furthermore, our chassis have undergone rigorous certification testing to assure reliability at all dual Athlon CPU speeds. CCSI's renowned expertise and innovative "outside the box" thinking has led to the world's first high density 1U and 2U servers to obtain AMD certification, surpassing AMD's exceptionally stringent qualification requirements, for all speed ranges of dual Athlon systems. These systems have been tested and certified by AMD to support the entire dual AMD Athlon™ processor family currently on the market as well as planned future AMD Athlon ™ processors. The innovative patent pending CPU cooling designs in conjunction with our unique chassis cooling designs combine to thermally correct™ heat dissipation systems that will insure your AMD dual Opteron™ system will live a long and productive life with unparalleled reliability. CCSI's Dual AMD Opteron ™ systems are available in the only 1U and 2U, AMD tested and approved rackmount chassis as well as 3U and 4U rackmount chassis. Furthermore, all of the chassis are highly configurable and are designed to accommodate all of your AMD Dual Opteron ™ needs from 1U HDHP cluster stations™ to high performance servers with built in RAID.

This is our fault tolerant 1U Dual AMD Opteron Solution. It features 2 hot-swapable SCSI or IDE drive bays. CPU cooling is achieved through the innovative CCSI Windtunnel™ design, which makes sure the air blowing across the heatsinks is always cool, fresh air, not air recirculated from rest of the chassis.

The RC- 0104 is a 1 rack space Dual AMD Opteron solution with 4 hot-swap hard drive bays and slim floppy, and CD-ROM cabability make the RC-0104 ideal for situations that require high density as well as large storage capacity. RAID ready!
The RC-0102 1U rack server includes two hot-swap hard drive bays, standard or slim floppy support, and slim CD-ROM support. This is our most economical, general purpose, 1 rack unit design.

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