CCSI's Clusteron™ Extreme Performance

The CCSI Clusteron is the premier performer of high density cluster computer systems. It incorporates 64 bit processors, where desired, to provide the flexibility and scalability to migrate demanding enterprise-class applications into the 64 bit computing world that we are now entering. It uses dual processor nodes, and will provide multiple processor nodes in the future. The CCSI Clusteron, together with AMD Opteron processors, can put over 300 Gigaflops in a 4 square foot telephone closet.

Today’s CPU’s use pipelining and multi-threading to increase the number of instructions executed per clock cycle. They also run at ever faster clock speeds. The combination of these developments has greatly increased the heat generated by CPU’s in recent years. We have gone from needing just a heat sink to needing active cooling right on the CPU, utilizing powerful blowers.

Most servers lack adequate cooling, and their performance suffers as a result. It is common to hear of servers shutting down, locking up, or operating erratically – and the real problem is overheating. Sometimes extensive maintenance and troubleshooting is performed without addressing the actual problem – inadequate cooling. Few technicians are prepared to address the cooling problems common in today’s high power servers, and as a result, performance often suffers, with no solution ever found. For the extreme performance required in today’s high speed internet world, more cooling is required than ever before.

The CCSI Clusteron provides more than enough cooling for any CPU made today; as a result, any CPU, in a CCSI Clusteron, can be operated at peak loads for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The use of high power CPU’s, along with the extreme density and system integration of the CCSI Clusteron, combine to provide it with a power density of 75 Gigaflops per square foot, yet in a system that runs cool, uses little energy, and stays reliable. This is the full load, 24/7, year after year kind of performance that is the most valuable kind of extreme performance