CCSI's Clusteron™ System Integration

The CCSI Clusteron™ system integrates remote server management, power distribution and cable management along with the integrated cooling system (see Extreme Cooling). Slide shelves are provided for mounting each chassis, to replace the traditional slide rails. Unlike the standard 19 inch rack, which has been adapted for computer use, the Clusteron was designed from the ground up to provide all the features needed in a computer rack. The Clusteron chassis, likewise, is designed to integrate with the rack enclosure, such that the features mesh smoothly. All connections on each chassis are front accessible, simplifying maintenance and replacement of nodes.

Remote server management is available as an option in each CCSI Clusteron rack. Connections to each server chassis from the server management controller provide remote access to the server, and the ability to reset, or power down and restart, each sever from a remote location. The server management also monitors temperatures and blower operation to insure that the system is operating properly. On-site technicians are not needed to correct routine lockups.

Each CCSI Clusteron has a built-in circuit breaker load center and power distribution system. You have access, right in the Clusteron cabinet, to overload protection and power on/off control. There is no longer a need to search for some remote panelboard. A single power connection to the Clusteron is all that is necessary.

Cable management provisions make it possible to route cables safely and neatly out of the way. The top of the CCSI Clusteron forms a trough for cables running along the row, and internal cable gutters hold the power and communication cables in place. Additionally, knock-outs are provided on the Clusteron™ cabinet sides and back for cable routing between cabinets.

The cooling system integrated into the Clusteron rack and chassis provides incomparable air flow management. Fresh cool air is drawn into the front and bottom of the enclosure, ducted to the left side of each chassis, and directed onto the CPU via a CCSI Wind Tunnel. Hot air is exhausted out the right side and rear of the chassis and ducted to the top of the rack, where it is removed from the room. Automatic air dampers meter the air flow into and out of the chassis – and halt air flow through the space when a chassis is removed, to balance the air flow through all the chasses. CPU cooling is always by fresh, cool air, not recirculated heated air. Integrated air filtration is provided in the bottom and front of the enclosure. See Extreme Cooling for more detail.

The CCSI Clusteron is all heavy duty steel; "dual hull" construction provides exceptional rigidity as well as forming the air ducts and providing cable routing.

Built-in slide shelf chassis mounting system eliminates the cost and adjustment problems associated with slide rail mounting systems. The CCSI Clusteron is an integrated solution, not a simple rack enclosure.