CCSI's Clusteron™ Extreme Energy Savings

The CCSI Clusteron saves much of the cost of air conditioning equipment in a server installation. With the Clusteron, fresh outdoor air, which requires little or no cooling, is brought in and ducted directly to cool each CPU. Hot air is exhausted from the room instead of being cooled and recirculated. Little or no air conditioning equipment is required, which saves up to half the energy requirement in a typical computer installation.

In most server rooms, the air is heated by the servers and then re-cooled by huge air conditioners and recirculated back to cool the servers again. In fact, since the cooling air is mixed with air that is already heated, the air conditioning equipment is often called upon to cool the room air to well below normal room temperature so that the mixed air is still cool enough to properly cool the CPU’s. Computer rooms are often cooled to 50° F. The cost of air conditioning in a computer room can be substantial. Even greater is the cost of backup power to run the air conditioning through a power failure. Recirculating the same air, and cooling it, is an expensive proposition.

A typical dual CPU server, fully loaded, may consume 250 to 300 Watts of power, and produce 1000 Btu per hour. One rack of 40 Clusteron nodes could produce 40,000 Btu per hour – the equivalent of 3 to 3½ tons of air conditioning. In an installation with many racks of servers, the heat – and air conditioning load – mounts quickly.

The Clusteron, on the other hand, prevents mixing of cooling air with heated air; room temperature air is ducted directly to each CPU to cool it. In most locations, outdoor air provides adequate cooling capability without additional air conditioning required. Also, the heated air exhausted from the Clusteron can be salvaged, possibly to heat other buildings, which multiplies the energy savings.

In addition to the direct cost savings, there are side benefits to having an installation which will operate with little or no air conditioning. First is the increased reliability, caused by eliminating one whole system, which requires maintenance and occasionally fails. Second is the ability to operate through a power failure, on UPS power for the computers, without having to supply backup power for air conditioners. The extreme energy savings produced by the CCSI Clusteron multiplies the cost benefits of Clusteron installations.