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Opteron ™ is the name for AMD's multi-way enterprise-class processors for servers and workstations. Opteronics.com is CCSI's web site focused on the Opteron product line.

Since 1983 CCSI has consistently been early to market with leading edge computing products pushing the envelope of performance. CCSI has been an AMD launch partner since AMD entered the multiprocessor market. Continuing that close partnership with AMD CCSI offers the widest product selection of servers with AMD's next generation Dual Core Rev. F family of Opteron CPUs supporting DDR2 RAM. CCSI continues to blaze the trail to a whole new meaning of high density, high reliability and high performance 64 bit computing based on the newest dual core AMD Opteron CPU technology with future proof quad core CPU support coming in 2007.

The AMD Opteron ™ processor family marks an extraordinary feat of engineering by AMD in providing a very high performance 64 bit processor that is fully backwards compatible with 32 bit operating systems and application software, suffering no performance penalty while running 32 bit code. The original AMD Opteron single core CPUs were introduced in April of 2003. Two years later AMD continued their technical leadership by introducing the Rev. E dual core Opteron CPUs. One year after than, AMD introduced the Rev. F dual core Opteron CPUs with DDR2 support and will soon introduce quad core Opteron CPUs. The whole AMD Opteron line up lowers TCO with a consistent product ecosystem and allows seamless migration to 64 bit operation without loss of investment in 32 bit infrastructure.

As a result of CCSI's extreme cooling technology, we are able to build stable and durable single and dual processor AMD Opteron servers with either single or dual core CPUS in 1U rack mount chassis that are as small as 18" deep. CCSI is the only company in the world that manufactures 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U dual and quad AMD Opteron ™ systems in chassis that are all designed by CCSI to be thermally correct. Not only does CCSI provide a full line of rack mounted dual and quad Opteron ™ systems of our own design, but we also have designed our 24" X 29" Clusteron ™ rack system with all front accessible connections, integrated power load center, cable management, integrated chassis slides and managed air flow specifically to answer the cooling needs required by these hyper performance multi-processor systems.

CCSI's high performance dual and quad processor AMD Opteron ™ servers are used in a host of applications including, data centers, research universities, National Labs, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, video rendering, audio and video streaming, super computers clusters, and many more. CCSI's significant contribution to high performance multi-core computing is largely due to our thermally superior cooling technology, allowing full speed computing without either thermal throttling or system instability introduced by overheat conditions commonly experienced system in lesser systems.

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